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High Hado, LLC, offers Hado educational workshops, individual Hado water healing sessions, bottled Hado water products, and structured water technology tools to enhance health and well-being in people, pets, and the environment. Hado can be defined as life force energy-consciousness of varying frequencies infused in all matter, including the cells of our body, and vibrating in our energy fields and throughout the universe. The dis-ease process in humans is in part related to the negative thoughts we think and the words we speak to ourselves and each other.  Words and thoughts carry a vibration that imprints on the waters of our bodies, those with whom we interact, and even our pets!

Enhancing water at the molecular level, using Hado water healing energy enhancing or structured water technology, increases the energy-consciousness of the water for maximum health benefits. With its services and products, High Hado, LLC aims to help advance the truth of water, human consciousness, and the principal of Hado and structuring water to help support the health and well-being of humans, animals, and the environment.

Hado water healing

“From the moment I started taking the [Hado] water I felt calm. I like how it centers me.”

Kurt M. , Portland, OR

"Thank you for the Hado water. After a month of taking it, I resolved an anger issue and transitioned to a new job. "

Angela T., Portland, OR

Hado Water Healing and Life Coaching Sessions

  • Single, one-hour: $110/session
  • Package of 5 one-hour sessions: $450
  • Customized water, without special one-on-one session, in which the client can request up to 40 frequencies from a menu: $45
  • Long-distance healings (without water, but using client’s photo, with intention, prayers, and Hado technology): $80/session
  • Sliding scale for limited budgets

Designed to help you enhance your health, transform old emotional patterns, and manifest positive outcomes in your life and relationships.

Sessions entail

  1. Intake: discussing your current state of health and well-being, determining the area you most want to improve, and setting the intention for positive change
  2. Conducting a Hado energy field measurement — having your energy system analyzed using the Kazutama System II Hado device (from Japan); and
  3. Imprinting water with Hado energy frequencies customized to your needs, which you take home and use to help enhance your health, support an emotional or relational need, or achieve a life goal.

High Hado, LLC Custom Water Healing Products

Several lines of customized bottled Hado water products imprinted with combinations of frequencies to support specific states of health and well-being — available online and through select partners.

Hado Workshops

Hado Workshops are taught by certified Hado Instructor Denise Barrett and are based on the teachings of Japanese water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Messages in Water, and other scientists and healers on the cutting edge of water science, consciousness, and healing. Learn the truth of water as a vehicle for storing and transmitting frequencies (information) in the body and environment, as well as the health benefits of structured water. Experience a Hado energy measurement and receive water “imprinted” with customized energy frequencies to help enhance your health, support an emotional or relational need, or help you achieve a life goal.