About Denise

High Hado, LLC’s Story

The seed for High Hado, LLC, was planted in January 2018 when its founder, Denise Barrett, realized she needed to stop seeking the next job in her familiar world of local government and non-profits and instead create her own enterprise. A firm believer that humanity, our planet, and the entire solar system is transcending the dualistic 3rd-dimensional experience through an ascension process to a 5th-dimensional Golden Age, Denise decided to explore how she could support people in awakening and healing, which this process calls us to do. Denise says:

“the energy consciousness matrix for living 5th-dimensional oneness is already here; we need to remember who we are as co-creative beings, see with our hearts through the illusion of 3-D, and anchor the 5th dimension as our new reality.”

Denise shifted from being will-driven in most decision-making and action to seeking direction from her higher self and Spiritual Guides, which she came to realize she had engaged and accessed less frequently since her days in the 2000’s studying energetic healing. When she returned to guidance, she heard, “it’s all about water”. Denise then set the intention to understand what these words meant. She committed herself to co-creating a vision with the Divine and, to support the unfolding of her new enterprise, began working with a shamanistic healer in Portland, Oregon.

Structured Water for Hydration and Health

“It’s all about water” led Denise to discover scientific research on structured water as described in Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water by M.J. Pangman and Melanie Evans, and in The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, Vapor by Dr. Gerald Pollack. Structured water is the form of water with the greatest molecular resonance – or highest spiritual, energetic form of water – as found in babbling streams, the body, fruit, etc. Structured water is like a battery for storing energy; it nourishes cells, aiding in the function of organs and body systems.

Water treated with chemicals and forced through pipes – i.e., tap water – is molecularly degraded or de-energized – some would even say, “dying or dead” — and, therefore, does not absorb well at the body’s cellular level. Tap water, along with most bottled water (even those that are mineral- or pH-enhanced/akaline, simply do not hydrate the body like structured water. Research has shown that most people do not drink enough water and dehydration is a contributing factor in illness, especially as we age. Structured water tells us that the quality of water – really, its energy consciousness or state of aliveness — matters if we are to achieve greater hydration and health.

High Hado, LLC, strives to help the public access both structured water knowledge and technologies to create structured water at home, to enhance the health of their families and pets, as well as to boost production of food and flowers in their gardens. To do so, High Hado, LLC has partnered with Natural Action Technologies, Inc. which sell amazing water structuring products you can find on this website. Water structuring devices and processes go beyond filtering toxins: they work to transmute their low frequencies into high frequencies – resulting in the purest, highest energetic form of water available.

Hado Water for Healing and Transformation

Part of her “water discovery process” led Denise to ask the question, “Whatever happened to Dr. Masaru Emoto (famed Japanese water consciousness researcher and author of The Hidden Messages in Water). Years ago, she read his book, watched the “What the Bleep?” movie that showcased his work, and even attended a water healing ceremony Dr. Emoto performed at Lake Pontchertrain in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. At the time of the water ceremony, Denise was serving impacted local populations in the region as the Program Director for Mercy Corps, an international non-governmental organization based in Portland, OR. Dr. Emoto’s work centers on understanding that all is energy consciousness (nothing is solid), and that states of health and illness all have specific vibrations. His work resonated with what Denise had come to learn through healing science studies at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing:

that our thoughts – both positive and negative – crystalize into our 3rd dimensional reality; negative thoughts can become illness in our bodies and difficult experience or self-limiting, even self-destructive, patterns in our lives. Bringing consciousness to the root cause can help us heal and transform our health and bring us greater joy.

In his lab, Dr. Emoto experimented with showing or speaking words to water, as well as exposing water to different types of music and pictures. And he used different types and sources of water – from pure distilled water to lake/stream and tap water. He would take droplets of the exposed water and freeze them, then photograph the results under a special microscope. Words like “Love and Gratitude” formed beautiful crystals, like snowflakes, whereas words such as “You Fool” showed up as distorted forms on the photos. Dr. Emoto’s cutting-edge energy-consciousness work demonstrates how water holds memory and that because we are mostly water, positive words and harmonically balanced music (as just two examples of the many he produced) have a positive effect on us, whereas negative thoughts and certain types of music, such as heavy metal, can have a negative effect.

As she began reconnecting with Dr. Emoto’s work in 2018, Denise learned he had passed away in October 2014. Distressed about this loss for humanity, she soon became joyous to learn that his son, Hiromasa (“Hiro”) Emoto, along with many of his colleagues were continuing the work.

In April 2018, Denise attended a conference in Lacey, Washington, in which Hiro and two colleagues shared Dr. Emoto’s theories about the memory and consciousness of water. They also demonstrated the “Kazutama System II” energy resonance technology for measuring the human energy field and imprinting water with specific vibrational frequencies that can enhance health and support transformational healing work. She is grateful to Seiichiro Yoshinouchi (“Yoshi”) for his valiant efforts to develop such an amazing technology to help people heal, which was based on Dr. Emoto’s work and understanding of energy consciousness and energetic resonance. Yoshi has supported the healing processes of more than 20,000 clients in Japan.

In May 2018, Denise attended the Emoto organization’s 25th Hado Instructor’s Training, where she received a certificate in Hado Instruction, including being able to both share the truth of water, using all of Dr. Emoto and his colleagues research and presentation materials, and perform Hado Water Therapy Sessions, using the Kazutama System II technology. She now offers Hado Healing Sessions – both in Portland and through long-distance methods — to support clients in their healing process.  This fall Denise intends to release several lines of High Hado Water with combinations of frequencies to support chakra balancing, specific positive emotional states, etc.